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Revive industries- bring your business to life, show every aspect. Use creative video to promote your company & products.
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Segev Studio

Let us present your business to the world!
We create photographs and video images from any location and in any situation: On land, at sea, from above, at events, inside your facilities, on your work sites – and in the studio.

Segev Studio

We create videos for youtube and websites to promote and increase awareness of your business- to describe products and services – and to build your company’s image with existing and potential customers.

Segev Studio

The World wants to see you! Let SEGEV STUDIO’s professional services create the image you want for your customers and investors – including production of short video clips for advertising, product demonstration and project documentation.

What clients have to say

שגב את אלופה. נהנתי מאוד מהאנרגיות שלך במהלך הצילומים בכנס. ברגישות המיוחדת שלך הוצאת תמונות נהדרות. אני מאחלת לנו המשך עשייה משותפת. תודה רבה על הכל! שלך, ריקי
ריקי כץ, מרכז הספר והספריות בישראל
Sigal has wondeful eye and a sensitive finger to find the exact moment the exact angle and the perfect situation.
i admire her work.
Ehud Zondiner, Product manager at HP Scitex

Outstanding work in both video and photography. Very professional and takes charge of getting the best out of the opportunity, without making any drama about it. Highly recommended.
Tony McAllister, Manager at Caterpillar Inc.
I really did appreciate working with you – you and your work were great. Will certainly recommend you any time and happy to give a reference – but your work speaks for itself. Look forward to working with you at some time in the future. Judi
Judi Smith, World Union for Progressive Judaism

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Sigal Segev

Professional photographer

About the photographer




Sigal Segev – Social Photography
I started to take pictures as soon as I could hold a camera. When I entered Military service I was given a chance to learn about and work with new technology for aerial and landscape imaging. Upon leaving the military I began work as an event photographer gaining experience with portraits, sports events and commercial promotion – which lead to a chance contract from 2002 to 2006 I worked in Milan Italy with other experienced professional and highly skilled photographers from across many countries. After leaving Milan I chose to return to Israel and established my photography and media business.


Photography is my Life’s energy
It is the fuel that makes me wakeup every morning! I thrill to capture brief moments of beauty, character, strength, achievement – movement flowing past us – often on the edge of our awareness. I seek and capture the times when my clients look their best! To catch those moments is a thrill – they are the sparks of time in our lives – which shine for just a moment as they slip into the mist of time. I seek to be the one who brings those sparks in my hand and presents them to my clients – like fireflies on summer’s night. This is my life, my service and my promise to you.

My Vision
To give each client a complete package of strategies and service – to spotlight their product image on the world wide web.

My clients receive
A high quality portfolio accessible for download from the web – also
— Google search optimization
— Putting all images on a private gallery, and the option of download images  from every computer

ASMP – Association Social Media Photographers
Degree from the Gray Art Gallery of New York,
Camera Obscura Art School in Tel Aviv,
Google Edwards + Google Analytics Training.


a few

Industrial photography for Electra

Corporate Photography for website

YouTube for F.K Generators

YouTube for Shtang

Video for Youtube

מיקה תחנת דלק

שטאנג בניה והנדסה בע״מ

UAV images

UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

industrial photography water supply

industrial photography for Shtang

industrial photography for f.k generators with Bank Mizrachi

business photography

business photography for Dr. Ran Goshen

industrial work

industrial photography in China

industrial photography

industrial photography | צילום תעשייתי בנמל אשדוד

corporate photography

corporate photography for AOL Israel

portrait photography

portrait photography

portrait photography

portrait photography


industrial photography at night

Palm springs wind farm

Palm springs wind farm

portrait photography

Industrial Photography

Industrial Photography Images

Industrial for Company Website

Industrial for F.K generators

Industrial for fridenson


Wine Tourism at Israel’s Countryside

portrait Golan Tisbi

events photography

On Set Photography

Idan Raichel


corporate portraits

corporate portraits

Shimon Peres

Shimon Peres – Israel’s president


Bibi Netanyahu

Portrait – Israeli Prime Minister

Oz Zehavi, Actor

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